Saunders, Jenkins & Fullerton Descendants


Descendants of Thomas Saunders and James Jenkins 

Our Convict Ancestors


  Generation No. 1 


1.   Thomas1 Saunders was born Abt. 1765, and died 03 Sep 1846 in Parramatta, N.S.W..  He married Mary Boucher 19 Dec 1796 in St. Johns, Parramatta, N.S.W.  She was born Abt. 1764, and died 09 Aug 1852 in Parramatta, N.S.W. 


Thomas Saunders, aged 22, described as a labourer of Walthamstow was charged with stealing a sow pig, valued at 40 shillings, the property of George Mitchell.  The theft occurred at Essex on 27th July 1786. He stood trial at the Essex Lent Assizes at Chelmsford on 12th March 1787 and was sentenced to seven years transportation.  Serving the first years of his sentence on the prison hulk "Lion" in Portsmouth Harbour, he was eventually transported on the convict transport "Matilda", a ship of 480 tons, Captain Matthew Weatherhead, which departed Portsmouth on 27th March 1791 and arrived Port Jackson on 1st August the same year. 

In 1794, his sentence completed and now a free man, Thomas Saunders was granted 30 acres on the south bank of the Hawkesbury River near Pitt Town, New South Wales, where he established a small farm.  Two years later Thomas Saunders of Hawkesbury and Mary Boucher of Parramatta were married at St John's Church, Parramatta, by Rev. Samuel Marsden.  Thomas was a marksman while Mary signed her name with a flourish, indicating that she had some education. 

While Thomas and Mary experienced all the ups and downs of farming in the early days of the colony, they generally prospered and eventually extended their interests to include several other properties as well as a bakery at the Rocks, Sydney. 

In the 1805 Muster, Thomas Saunders was recorded as a settler on 30 acres at the Hawkesbury.  He had 23 acres planted with wheat, 3 acres maize, 2 acres barley, 1/4 acre peas and beans, 1 acre orchard and gardens and 3/4 acre of pastures.  He owned one boar pig and one sow pig and 40 bushels of wheat were on hand.  He, his wife and four children were 'off stores', and he employed three free men and two ticket of leave convicts. 


Mary Boucher or Bouchier, a banquet cook, was tried at the Old Bailey on 19th February 1794.  She was charged with stealing some silver spoons and other items from an employer, Mrs. Peter Boileau.  Mary pleaded not guilty and claimed that the items had been given to her in a bundle of clothing to mind for another servant, Ann Goostry.  Mary's story was not believed and she was sentenced to death and sent to Newgate Prison.  Five months later Mary was offered clemency provided she was prepared to accept transportation to New South Wales for the rest of her life.   Mary accepted and was transported as one of 133 female convicts on the "Indispensible", a ship of 351 tons, under Captain Wilkinson, which arrived at Port Jackson on 30 th April 1796, after a voyage of about six months. 


Children of Thomas Saunders and Mary Boucher are: 

2.                i.      Elizabeth Saunders , b. 22 Oct 1797, Parramatta, New South Wales.; d. 02 Oct 1874,                                       Nicholson St. Balmain Sydney.

3.               ii.       Thomas Saunders , b. 03 Sep 1799, Sydney; d. 04 Jan 1860, Windsor, New South Wales..

4.              iii.      Virginia Saunders , b. 04 Jun 1802, Sydney; d. 09 Oct 1865, New South Wales..

                 iv.       Sarah Saunders , b. 09 May 1804.

                  v.       William Saunders , b. 25 Nov 1806, Sydney; d. 05 Sep 1820, Prospect, New South Wales..

5.              vi.       Mary Saunders , b. 25 Dec 1808, Prospect, Sydney; d. 01 Aug 1886, Cobargo, N.S.W..

                vii.       Maria Saunders , b. 12 Feb 1812, Prospect, Sydney; d. 11 Mar 1812.



Generation No. 2 


2.   Elizabeth2 Saunders (Thomas1) was born 22 Oct 1797 in Parramatta, New South Wales., and died 02 Oct 1874 in Nicholson St. Balmain Sydney.  She married (1) James Jenkins 12 Dec 1815 in St. Phillips Church, Sydney., son of John Jenkins.  He was born Abt. 1774 in England, and died 27 Jan 1835 in Sydney.  She married (2) William Burnicle 25 Apr 1843 in Sydney.  He was born Abt. 1794, and died 12 Feb 1846 in Sydney.. 


James Jenkins was about 23 when he and his brother William were convicted of stealing four ewe sheep, value ten pounds, and three wether sheep, value nine pounds, the property of Edward Smith, at Parish of Cricklade in northern Wiltshire.  They appeared at the Wiltshire Assizes, Salisbury, on 11th March 1797.  The original death sentences were commuted to transportation to the Colony of New South Wales for seven years.  The brothers spent over four years of their seven year sentences imprisioned on the Hulk "Fortunee", anchored in Langstone Harbour near Portsmith, before embarking on the convict transport, "Coromandel", bound for New South Wales.  The "Coromandel" sailed from Portsmouth on 12th February 1802 and arrived at Port Jackson four months later, on 13th June. 

On board the "Coromandel", commanded by Captain Sterling, were 138 male convicts as well as several passengers comprising at least three families, including the ship's surgeon, Dr. Charles Throsby and his wife. 

On completion of their sentences the Jenkins brothers soon entered into the commercial life of Sydney, as farmers, boat builders and property developers.  James Jenkins described himself as a stonemason, probably a trade he learnt while working on construction sites around Portsmouth during his years on the "Fortunee". 


Unfortunately the brother's commercial partnership was cut short when William Jenkins was shot and killed when he went to the aid of the keeper of the Parramatta Toll Gate who was being attacked by armed robbers, on 28th May 1814.  William's widow, formerly Sarah Chivers, was pregnant with their third child at the time of his death.  James continued to support his late brother's family until Sarah's remarriage in 1821, and by then, he had married Elizabeth Saunders, eldest child of Thomas and Mary. 

At the time of his death James Jenkins had extensive property interests in and around Sydney, including 1310 acres in the Dee Why - Collaroy - Long Reef area of Sydney's northern beaches. 


Children of Elizabeth Saunders and James Jenkins are: 

                   i.       Elizabeth Jenkins , b. 29 Sep 1816, Sydney; d. 26 Jun 1900, Sydney.


Elizabeth Jenkins, the eldest of James and Elizabeth's children, remained single and resided at the old Jenkins property at Dee Why- Collaroy until her death on 26th June 1900.  By this time the Jenkins 'old place' was described as 'beautifully situated' but 'house ricketty and tumble down' with 'no stock and no sign of life'.  Miss Jenkins, herself, was regarded as extremely eccentric and described as, 'somewhat short and stubby, fresh complexioned, with reddish hair, blue eyes and no particular love of children'.  She was proud of her ownership of the Jenkins property, to which she was much attached and unwilling to sell, although good offers were said to have been made. 

Although she had made a Will in 1875 in favour of her family connections, she later changed this in 1894 when she became an ardent admirer of the Salvation Army, constantly in the company of their officers and members who visited and prayed with her.  She made gifts of money and land to them and changed her will naming two gentlemen from Melbourne Thomas Bates Coombs and John Hendy as her executors and leaving all real and personal property to Thomas B. Coombs as principal officer commanding the Salvation Army to be used for spreading the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  

Family members contested the will and the Judge refused probate.  An appeal by Hendy to the Full Court in May 1901 resulted in probate being granted to him.  



6.               ii.       Mary Jenkins , b. 10 Aug 1818, Sydney; d. 18 Dec 1852, Sydney.

                 iii.       William Jenkins , b. 21 Jul 1820; d. 01 Nov 1857; m. Elizabeth Irnin .

7.              iv.       James Jenkins , b. 27 Sep 1822, Sydney; d. 31 Oct 1855.

                  v.       Martha Jenkins , b. 10 Jun 1826, Sydney; d. 28 Sep 1890.

                 vi.       Philip Jenkins , b. 08 Mar 1829, Sydney; d. 14 Dec 1851.

8.             vii.       Ann Jenkins , b. 23 Sep 1831, Sydney; d. 23 Feb 1896, Brisbane.

               viii.       John Henry Jenkins , b. 30 Jun 1835, Sydney; d. 13 Oct 1910.



3.   Thomas2 Saunders (Thomas1) was born 03 Sep 1799 in Sydney, and died 04 Jan 1860 in Windsor, New South Wales.  He met Ann Hannah Gregory Aft. 1831.  She was born Abt. 1790. 


Ann Hannah Gregory came "Free" to the Colony on the 'Broxburnburg' in 1814.  She married Joshua Bushell in Sydney in1823.  They had three children, but the marriage was unhappy and she went to live with Thomas Saunders.  They also had three children, who were registered as Bushell but known as Sanders or Sanders Bushell.  The informant on Ann Hannah's Death Certificate was recorded as William Sanders Bushell. 


Children of Thomas Saunders and Ann Gregory are: 

9.                i.       Jane Sanders , b. 11 May 1833; d. 10 Jul 1926.

10.             ii.       William Sanders , b. 17 Jul 1835.

                 iii.       Sophia Sanders , b. 30 Nov 1837.

Sophia was the daughter of Thomas Saunders and Ann Hannah Bushell.  Her birth was registered as Sophia Bushell, but she was known as Sophia Sanders. 



4.   Virginia2 Saunders (Thomas1) was born 04 Jun 1802 in Sydney, and died 09 Oct 1865 in New South Wales..  She married John Tebbutt 1831 in St Matthews Church, Windsor..  He was born 02 Dec 1794, and died 20 Dec 1870 in Windsor, New South Wales. 


Children of Virginia Saunders and John Tebbutt are: 

11.              i.       John Tebbutt , b. 25 May 1834, Windsor, New South Wales.; d. 29 Dec 1916, Windsor,                                      New South Wales..

                  ii.       Ann Tebbutt , b. 10 Mar 1838, Windsor, New South Wales.; d. 28 Dec 1838.


5.   Mary2 Saunders (Thomas1) was born 25 Dec 1808 in Prospect, Sydney, and died 01 Aug 1886 in Cobargo, N.S.W. She married William Duggan Tarlington 17 Nov 1829 in St. Mary's, Sydney, New South Wales, son of Margaret Duggan.  He was born 11 Aug 1806 in Parramatta, New South Wales., and died 17 Oct 1893 in New South Wales. 


William Duggan Tarlington was the son of convicts, Margaret Duggan and William Ruffian.  He adopted the name Tarlington on his mother's marriage to John Tarlington in 1811.  John Tarlington, also a convict, came to Australia on the "Matilda" in 1791. 


Children of Mary Saunders and William Tarlington are: 

12.              i.       Sarah Tarlington , b. 1829; d. 10 Jun 1881, Cobargo, N.S.W.

                  ii.       John Joseph Tarlington , b. 19 Sep 1831; d. 15 Jun 1907; m. Bridget Kirby, 1856, N.S.W.;                                  b. Abt. 1834.

                 iii.       William Tarlington , b. 29 Jan 1834; d. 22 Oct 1899; m. Catherine Heffernan , 05 Aug 1861.

                 iv.       Thomas Tarlington , b. 16 Jun 1836; d. 22 Aug 1920; m. Annie Murphy, 08 Jun 1869.

                  v.       Mary Therisa Tarlington , b. 1838; d. 03 Jan 1918; m. Charles Joseph Byrne , 25 Nov 1862.

                 vi.       Margaret Tarlington , b. 1841; d. 07 Sep 1928; m. James Gilbert.

                             Margaret Tarlington's birth is recorded as Tarleton. 


                vii.       Alexander Francis Duggan Tarlington , b. 20 May 1843, Oronmeir; d. 05 Apr 1927; m. Ellen                                Heffernan, 08 Jun 1868.

               viii.       James Tarlington , b. 1845; d. 05 May 1915; m. Annie Collins , 1876.

                             James Tarlington's birth is recorded as Tarlinton. 


                  ix.       Elizabeth Tarlington , b. 09 Aug 1847; m. William Francis Coman  , 1872.

                              Elizabeth Tarlington's birth is recorded as Tarlenton. 


                   x.       Daniel Tarlington , b. 17 Aug 1850; d. 23 Sep 1915; m. Mary Murphy.



Generation No. 3 



6.   Mary3 Jenkins (Elizabeth2 Saunders, Thomas1) was born 10 Aug 1818 in Sydney, and died 18 Dec 1852 in Sydney.  She married Rev., James Fullerton 30 Jun 1840 in Sydney, son of Archibald Fullerton and Elizabeth Church.  He was born 11 Jan 1807 in Aghadowey, Co. Londonderry, Ireland., and died 03 Jul 1886 in Sydney. 


The Rev. Dr. James Fullerton, son of the Rev. Archibald Fullerton was educated at Belfast and at the University of Glasgow.  He was encouraged to come to Australia by the Rev. John Dunmore Lang and arrived at Sydney on 3rd December 1837 on the "Portland".  As Minister at the Pitt Street South Scotts Church, he served the Presbyterian congregation for 50 years.  The Pitt St. South Church was pulled down to make way for the Central Railway station and a new church was built at the corner of Crown and Albion Streets and named the Fullerton Memorial Church in his honour. 

Fullerton served on several committees, temperence and educational societies, as well as campagning for shorter working hours for shop assistants and against transportation.  His life was not without contraversy as he disagreed with the church higherachy on several matters and in 1851 he was brought before the supreme court charged with the 'illegal solimnization of marriage'.  He was discharget on a technicality, but it was said he was running a 'marriage shop'.  It seems Fullerton believed it was better to marry young people, without their parents concent, than to cauce them to live in sin. 

The Rev. James Fullerton died of pneumonia on 3rd July 1886 and is buried at the Rookwood Cemetry.  His extensive estate which included a farm near Gympie and shares in a sugar plantation near Southport in Queensland, as well as sixteen houses at Taylor Lane, Sydney, and 63 acres near Lane Cove, declared at over thirteen thousand five hundred pounds, was devided among his descendants.  Unlike his sister-in-law, Elizabeth Jenkins, who left her extensive property at Colleroy to a church, Fullerton left only 600 pounds to the church he had served for so long. 


Children of Mary Jenkins and James Fullerton are: 

                   i.       Archibald Fullerton , b. 1842, Sydney; d. 1872, Queensland.

                  ii.       George Fullerton , b. 11 Aug 1843, Sydney; d. 20 Aug 1882, Menindee, N.S.W.; m.                                            Georgiana Sarah Clarke , 1871, Randwick, Sydney; b. 02 May 1850, Sydney; d. 1925.

                 iii.       James Fullerton , b. 17 Mar 1845, Sydney; d. 25 Sep 1926, Gympie, Queensland.; m.                                        Elizabeth Shaw , 1870; b. 06 Mar 1843.

                 iv.       William Fullerton , b. 1847, Sydney; m. Phoebe J. Flemming , 1870; b. Abt. 1848.

                  v.      Elizabeth Fullerton , b. 29 Apr 1849, Sydney; d. 24 Feb 1905, Winton, Qld.; m. Charles                                     Augustus Mayne Morris , 05 Dec 1872, Sydney; b. 17 Feb 1850, Malligaum, Bombay                                         Presidency,  India.; d. 1923, Sydney, N.S.W.

C.A.M. Morris was Baptised at Christ's Church, Malligaum, India, on 30 June 1850.  His father William John Morris was a Captain in the Honourable East India Company's 9th Regt. Native Infantry.  He came out to Australia about 1870, and may have been the Charles Morris who was a cabin passenger on the ship 'Suffolk' which sailed from Plymouth bound for Melbourne in March 1870.


He married Elizabeth Fullerton, daughter of Rev. James and Mary Fullerton, at Sydney in 1872.  Rev. James Fullerton who was the Minister at the Pitt Street South Church, Sydney, appears to have had an interest in the Sugar Plantations at Bundall, Nerang River, near Southport and at Gairlock on the Herbert River near Ingham.  C.A.M. and Elizabeth resided at both places between 1872 and 1886.  The Gairlock Mill was taken over by the CSR in 1888. 

In 1886 C.A.M.Morris applied to the Colonial Secretary, Queensland, for appointment as a Police Magistrate or Clerk of Petty Sessions in the Colony.  He was appointed as the Police Magistrate at Birdsville in 1887.  Further appointments took him to Muttaburra and Aramac in July 1888, Charters Towers in May 1891, Winton in July 1898, which was extended to Hughenden in July 1902, Ipswich in April 1905 and Brisbane in 1912.  From 1892 to 1898 he was a Captain in the Queensland Defence Force, the 3rd Queensland (Kennedy) Regiment. 

Elizabeth Morris died ot Typhoid in Winton in 1905. 



                 vi.       Mary Fullerton , b. 1851; d. 1908, Waverley, N.S.W.; m. John Tait , 1871, Sydney, N.S.W.



7.   James3 Jenkins (Elizabeth2 Saunders, Thomas1) was born 27 Sep 1822 in Sydney, and died 31 Oct 1855.  He married (1) Ann West 22 Mar 1842.  She was born Abt. 1822, and died 30 Jul 1852.  He married (2) Eliza Louisa Noble 21 May 1853.  She was born 1832 in Dublin, Ireland., and died 15 Aug 1889. 


Children of James Jenkins and Ann West are: 

                   i.       Elizabeth Jenkins , b. 1843; d. 1872.

                  ii.       Mary Jenkins , b. 1845; d. 1857.

                 iii.       Martha Jenkins , b. 1846.

                 iv.       Annie Jenkins , b. 1849; d. 1882, Balmain, Sydney.

                  v.       Philip Jenkins , b. 1851.



Children of James Jenkins and Eliza Noble are: 

                 vi.       Maria Jane Jenkins , b. 25 Feb 1854; d. 13 Mar 1914; m. Edward Nevin  , 28 May 1878,                                     Sydney; b. 05 Feb 1859.

                vii.       Sophia M. Jenkins , b. 1855; m. John Robert Heaton , 1878, Sydney.



8.   Ann3 Jenkins (Elizabeth2 Saunders, Thomas1) was born 23 Sep 1831 in Sydney, and died 23 Feb 1896 in Brisbane.  She married William Hendren 17 Jan 1854 in Scots Presbyterian Church, Sydney, N.S.W..  He was born 1832 in Armagh, Ireland., and died 03 Jan 1903. 


Children of Ann Jenkins and William Hendren are: 

                   i.       William Fullerton Hendren , b. 02 Nov 1854, Ipswich, Qld.; d. 23 Aug 1892, Dunwich, Qld.;                                m. Eliza Foran , 1874, Clermont, Qld.; b. 1856, Middlesex..

                  ii.       Samuel James Hendren , b. 24 Jul 1856, Ipswich, Qld.; d. 24 Oct 1921, Peachester, Qld.;                                  m. Sarah Jane Butcher , 17 Apr 1882, Maryborough, Qld.; b. Mar 1863, Maryborough, Qld.

                 iii.      John Hamilton Moore Hendren , b. 15 Jun 1858, Ipswich, Qld.; d. 06 Jan 1896, Narribri,                                     N.S.W.; m. Christina  McCallum Smeaton, 10 Nov 1883, Maitland, N.S.W.; b. 23 Jul 1858,                                 Perthshire, Scotland.; d. 25 Jan 1943, New South Wales..

                 iv.       Mary Jenkins Hendren , b. 13 Nov 1860, Ipswich, Qld.; d. 28 Nov 1931, Stanthorpe, Qld.;                                 m. Jones Anthony Bourke , 27 Sep 1882, Sangate, Qld.; b. 16 Nov 1844, Killala, Co. Mayo,                                    Ireland.; d. 19 Mar 1921, Burpengary, Qld..

                  v.       Anna Elizabeth Hendren , b. 18 Feb 1863, Ipswich, Qld.; d. 21 Jan 1915; m. Michael John                                  Gill , 1883.

                 vi.       Edith Martha Hendren , b. 21 Sep 1865, Ipswich, Qld.; d. 22 May 1942, Nambour, Qld.;                                    m. John Samuel Best , 1888; b. 25 Jun 1863, Sangate, Qld.; d. 30 Jan 1947, Nambour, Qld

                vii.       George Septimus Hendren , b. 05 Jul 1867, Ipswich, Qld.; d. 14 Jan 1948, Brisbane; m.                                     Emily Annie Roberts , 1894, Sangate, Qld.; b. 25 Jan 1871, London.; d. 09 Aug 1955, Bris.


                viii.       Annie Jenkins Hendren , b. 14 Aug 1869, Ipswich, Qld.; d. 1940; m.  Robert West                                               Kingsford , 1891, Sangate, Qld.; b. Abt. 1854, Canterbury, Kent.; d. 24 Sep 1896.

                  ix.       Archibald David Hendren , b. 07 Jul 1872, Ipswich, Qld.; d. 1941; m.  Susan Ann Jackson ,                                  1901; b. 21 Oct 1880; d. 1953.



9.   Jane3 Sanders (Thomas2 Saunders, Thomas1) was born 11 May 1833, and died 10 Jul 1926.  She married Henry Thomas Curl 1864 in Sydney.  He was born 1829, and died 1914 in Windsor, N. S. W. 

Jane was the daughter of Thomas Saunders and Ann Hannah Bushell.  She was known as Jane Sanders. 


Children of Jane Sanders and Henry Curl are: 

                   i.       Thomas Curl , b. 10 Dec 1864; d. 1939, Windsor, N. S. W.; m.  Annie May Wheeler, 1901,                                   Windsor, N.S.W.; b. 19 Jul 1878; d. 1955.

                  ii.       Henry Curl , b. 05 Jun 1867.

                 iii.       Sophia Elizabeth Curl , b. 19 Aug 1872.

                 iv.       George Curl , b. 08 Jun 1877, N.S.W.; d. 10 Sep 1964; m. Ellen M. Bowd, 1900, Sydney,                                     N.S.W.



10.   William3 Sanders (Thomas2 Saunders, Thomas1) was born 17 Jul 1835.  He married Anna Eliza.  


William was the son of Thomas Saunders and Ann Hannah Bushell. His birth was registered as William Bushell,but he was known as William Sanders. 


Children of William Sanders and Anna Eliza are: 

                   i.       Mary Maria Sanders , b. 1865, Windsor, New South Wales.; m. William Bowd, 1886,                                           Windsor, N.S.W..

                  ii.       Thomas Sanders , b. 1866.

                 iii.       Sophia Sanders , b. 1868.

                 iv.       Virginia Sanders , b. 1870.

                  v.       Alfred Sanders , b. 1871.

                 vi.       William Sanders , b. 1873, Windsor, New South Wales.; d. 1878.

                vii.       Henry Sanders , b. 1874.

               viii.       Jane Sanders , b. 1876.

                  ix.      Alicia Sanders , b. 1880.



11.   John3 Tebbutt (Virginia2 Saunders, Thomas1) was born 25 May 1834 in Windsor, New South Wales., and died 29 Dec 1916 in Windsor, New South Wales..  He married Jane Prendergast 08 Sep 1857 in St Matthews Church, Windsor..  She was born 23 Mar 1838, and died 07 Feb 1903 in Windsor, New South Wales. 


A noted Astronomer, John Tebbutt established an observatory at Windsor, New South Wales.  His observation led to a Comet being named after him.  He was honoured when his likeness appeared as an engraving on the issue of the first Australian $100 Bank Note. 


Children of John Tebbutt and Jane Prendergast are: 

                   i.       Virginia Sarah Tebbutt , b. 15 Jun 1858; d. 1931.

                  ii.       Ann Elizabeth Tebbutt , b. 23 Jan 1860; d. 1891.

                 iii.       Mary Alice Tebbutt , b. 02 Jan 1862; d. 1910.

                 iv.       Emily Frances Tebbutt , b. 1863; d. 19 May 1933; m. Frank H. Rodda, 1892, Windsor,                                         N.S.W.

                  v.       Jane Margaret Tebbutt , b. 09 Aug 1866; d. 1943.

                 vi.       John Thomas Tebbutt , b. 02 Nov 1868, Windsor, New South Wales.; d. 12 Aug 1936; m.                                  Sybell Mary McNiven, 1899, Sydney; b. 25 Mar 1879; d. 12 May 1950.

                vii.       Victoria Susannah Tebbutt , b. 1871; d. 1889.


12.   Sarah3 Tarlington (Mary2 Saunders, Thomas1) was born 1829, and died 10 Jun 1881 in Cobargo, N.S.W.  She married Daniel Sutherland 1851.

He was born 1821 in Scotland. 


Children of Sarah Tarlington and Daniel Sutherland are: 

                   i.      Alexander Gordon Sutherland , b. 21 Oct 1852; d. 01 Jan 1937; m.  Catherine McDonald .

                  ii.       Daniel Sutherland , b. 08 Aug 1856; d. 26 Jun 1938; m. Delia Campbell  .

                 iii.       G EORGE S UTHERLAND , b. 22 Dec 1858; d. 17 Jul 1933; m. E LIZA C AMPBELL . 

                 iv.       Elizabeth Sutherland , b. 23 May 1860; d. 08 May 1945; m. Thomas Shelly  , 30 Jan 1888.

                  v.       William Tarlindton Sutherland , b. 04 Jul 1862; d. 03 Jan 1935.

                 vi.       John Joseph Sutherland , b. 24 Sep 1864; d. 31 Jul 1956; m.Jane Campbell, 1889, Bega,                                   NSW.

                vii.       Robert Sutherland , b. 22 Feb 1866; m. Grace Amelia Pernell , 20 Oct 1896.

               viii.      Virginia Jessica Sutherland , b. 02 Nov 1869; d. 05 Jul 1965; m. Peter Connolly.

                  ix.       Margaret Sutherland , b. 27 Sep 1871; m. Patrick Thomas Geraghty.