Descendants of Christopher Francis

CHRISTOPHER FRANCIS was born 12 December 1840 in Sydney, and died 10 November 1915 in Brisbane. He married Emilie Jane Everett 27 December 1870 in Church of All Saints, Wickham Tce, Brisbane, daughter of Arundel Everett and Georgiana Dunkerton. She was born 12 September 1850 in London, and died 27 June 1937 in Brisbane.

At the time of his birth on 12th December 1840, Christopher's father, Henry Francis, was a Cabinet Maker in King Street, Sydney. Christopher was baptized on 8th April 1841 by Rev. Robert Allwood, St. James Church of England, Sydney.

After the family's return from England in 1859, Christopher became a reporter for the Moreton Bay Courier. In 1872 he entered the civil service, first appointed as District Registrar, Clerk of Petty Sessions, Customs Officer and Land agent, at Normanton and Land Commissioner, Recording Clerk and Commissioner for Crown Lands in the Burke District. He recommended the name Cloncurry be given to that new town.

In 1876 he was appointed Land Commissioner and Land Agent at Maryborough. Then in 1881 he was appointed Police Magistrate at Cunnamulla, plus Clerk, Department of Public Lands, District Registrar, Registrar of the District Court, Acting Land Commissioner, Acting Land Agent, Mineral Lands Commissioner, Acting Inspector of Breweries, Officer, Beer Duties and Breweries and Customs Officer.

In 1899 he went to Townsville as Police Magistrate, Visiting Justice, Prisons, Townsville, Official visitor, Reception House and Gold Warden. In 1902 he was appointed Principal Electoral Registrar and Northern Sheriff, Townsville.

In 1905 he was appointed Central Sheriff and Police Magistrate, Rockhampton, acting also as Warden, Licensing Justice, Visiting Justice to Prisons, Official Visitor Reception House, Central Sheriff, Member of Fire Brigade Board, Assistant Land Commissioner, Returning Officer and Member of Hospital Committee.

Children of Christopher and Emilie are:

  1. NORMAN HENRY FRANCIS, b. 16 January 1872, Spring Hill, Brisbane.; d. 09 September 1948, Labasa Hospital, Fiji; Buried, C.S.R. Cemetery, Labasa.
  2. GROSVENOR ARUNDELL FRANCIS, b. 14 August 1873, Normanton, Qld.; d. 30 November 1944, Sydney.
  3. EGBERT DUNKERTON FRANCIS, b. 02 June 1875, Normanton, Qld.; d. 07 July 1952, Sydney.
  4. HERO VAIR FRANCIS, b. 06 June 1877, Maryborough, Qld; d. 1878.
  5. WILFRED EVERETT FRANCIS, b. March 1879, Maryborough, Qld.; d. 06 February 1938, Newlands, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  6. EMILY GEORGIANA MARY FRANCIS, b. 14 June 1880, Maryborough, Qld; d. 19 April 1892, Cunnamulla, Qld..
  7. Emily died at Cunnamulla when only 11 years old after taking ant poison as a childish dare.

  8. MORTON EUGENE VIVIAN FRANCIS, b. 05 March 1882, Cunnamulla, Qld.; d. 1883, Cunnamulla, Qld.
  9. IRENE MAUDE FRANCIS, b. 18 November 1883, Cunnamulla, Qld.; d. 06 October 1968, Brisbane.
  10. SYLVIA ROSAMUND FRANCIS, b. 31 January 1886, Grosvenor Bank, Cunnamulla, Qld.; d. 01 May 1959, Waitara.
  11. CHRISTOPHER FITZHERBERT FRANCIS, b. 12 January 1888, Cunnamulla, Qld.; d. Unknown, Halifax, Qld.; m. EVELYN BIGGS; b. Abt. 1887; d. 30 April 1989, Ingham, Qld.
  12. Christopher, King or Kinger Francis, as he was known, attended the Townsville Grammar School and later joined the CSR Co., serving in Fiji and North Queensland Sugar Mills. After leaving the CSR, he farmed cane in the Ingham district prior to taking on the Agency for an Oil Company. He resided at Halifax, near Ingham.

  13. CECIL RUPERT FRANCIS, b. 11 February 1890, Cunnamulla, Qld.; d. 27 March 1895.
  14. REGINALD PAUL FRANCIS, b. 11 February 1890, Cunnamulla, Qld.; d. 26 September 1896.
  15. ALGERNON CEDRIC FRANCIS, b. 13 December 1895, Cunnamulla, Qld.; d. 14 November 1916, Flers, Baupame, France..

After attending Brisbane Grammar School, Algy graduated from Gatton Agricultural College. He was working at Brisbane for A.P.Greenfield & Co., Opticians, when he enlisted in January 1916. He trained at Enoggera before embarking for the Front with 11th Reinforcements of the 25th Battalion, on the "Star of Victoria" on the 2nd April. After further training in Alexandria and England, he embarked for France in July.

As a Lewis Gunner, Algy went to the Line in Poziers and Ypres before being sent to Flers, where he was killed in action on Tuesday, 14th November 1916. He was first buried in an isolated grave one mile east of Le Sars, two and one half miles south-west of Bapaume. His body was removed to the Warlencourt British Cemetery, 5 Kilometers south-west of Bapaume, France.


2nd Generation

NORMAN HENRY FRANCIS was born 16 January 1872 in Spring Hill, Brisbane, and died 09 September 1948 in Labasa Hospital, Fiji; Buried, C.S.R. Cemetery, Labasa. He married Matelita Sedreu Abt. 1907. She was born Abt. 1887 in Mali Island, Macuata Province, Fiji..

Norman was educated at Maryborough and at Brisbane Grammar School. He first joined the Queensland National Bank, but shortly resigned and joined the The Colonial Sugar Refining Company. He was transferred to Fiji, where he worked as Accountant at Labasa. He left the CSR about 1901 and opened a Trading Store near Labasa, where his brother Bert joined him in the venture. Norman married Matelita Sedreu and remained in Fiji for the rest of his life.

Children of Norman and Matelita are:

  1. VIVIAN FRANCIS, b. 02 December 1906; d. Abt. 1906.
  2. HENRY CAGILABA FRANCIS, b. 10 January 1908, Wailevu, Labasa District, Fiji.; d. 29 July 1992.
  3. MATELITA MALI FRANCIS, b. 16 September 1911, Wailevu, Labasa District, Macuata, Fiji.; d. 02 July 2003, Fiji.
  5. SYLVIA ROSAMUND FRANCIS, b. 12 August 1917, Wailevu, Macuata, Labasa District, Fiji.


GROSVENOR ARUNDELL FRANCIS was born 14 August 1873 in Normanton, Qld., and died 30 November 1944 in Sydney. He married Florence Marion Powell 24 December 1902 in Sydney, daughter of Charles Powell and Bithia Reeves. She was born 10 November 1875 in Maryborough, Qld, and died 15 February 1951 in Sydney.

Grosvenor Arundell Francis, called Grove, was educated at Brisbane Grammar School. He was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland in June 1901, of the High Court of Australia in 1902, and of the Supreme Court of NSW in 1928. He became a Notary Public in 1914. He practised as a Solicitor in Charters Towers from 1901 to 1926. In 1925 he was declared Member of the House of Representatives for the seat of Kennedy in North Western Queensland. He represented the Country and Progressive National Party. He was re-elected in 1928, but lost his seat the next year in the Bruce Double Dissolution. In 1930 he moved from Canberra to Sydney and started the practice of Francis & Francis when his son Bert joined him. Grosvenor Francis devoted much of his life to Freemasonry.

Florence Marion Powell, Grove's wife, was known as Flo.

Children of Grosvenor and Flo are:

  1. GROSVENOR CHARLES FRANCIS, b. 30 September 1904, Charters Towers, Queensland.; d. January 1970.
  2. JOHN POWELL FRANCIS, b. 29 November 1906, Charters Towers, Queensland.; d. 01 December 1982, Nelly Bay, Magnetic Island, Townsville.
  3. EGBERT ARUNDEL FRANCIS, b. 31 March 1909, Charters Towers, Queensland.; d. 21 December 1988, Sydney.

EGBERT DUNKERTON FRANCIS was born 02 June 1875 in Normanton, Qld., and died 07 July 1952 in Sydney. He married Laura Louise Wells 28 May 1912 in Sydney. She was born 21 May 1879 in Mudgee, N.S.W., and died 14 July 1933 in Sydney. He married Gladys Mary Bruce Suttor 30 November 1939 in Darlinghurst, Sydney., daughter of Albert Suttor and Alice McIntosh. She was born 25 May 1888, and died 1985 in Sydney.

Bert Francis attended school in Cunnamulla, then joined his brothers at Brisbane Grammar School. He was engaged as a bookkeeper for Cobb & Co, then, for about a year, was engaged in an export-import business in Townsville. He then went to Fiji to join his brother Norman in his trading venture. Bert joined the CSR Co, about 1901, and remained with the Company until his retirement at Easter 1929.

Although his parents and brothers and sisters always called him Bert, he preferred to be called Frank Francis, and he was known by this name in Fiji.

In Fiji he was given the task of building the railway which came from Ba to Tavna. Subsequently he was installed as tenant farmer on a large sugar estate or plantation, 'Yalandro', Tavana. Bert left Fiji in 1930, thereafter residing at Sydney.

Child of Bert and Laura is:

  1. ALISON LAURA FRANCIS, b. 18 May 1921, Mudgee, N.S.W..


WILFRED EVERETT FRANCIS was born March 1879 in Maryborough, Qld., and died 6 February 1938 in Newlands, Johannesburg, South Africa. He married Elizabeth Sarah Jane Wood Abt. 1920 in Wolmaranstad, South Africa. She was born Abt. 1888.

Wilfred, who was called Tuck by his brothers and sisters, attended primary school at Cunnamulla and Brisbane Grammar School. He worked for a Bank before enlisting to fight in the Boer War. He was with 7 Battalion, Australian Commonwealth Horse (Qld), which arrived at Natal on the "Castodian" at the end of May or Early June 1902, shortly after peace had been declared. He elected to stay in South Africa after the War. At the Outbreak of World War I, he joined the South African Army and fought against German forces in German East Africa and later in West Africa. He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in the field.

Children of Wilfred and Elizabeth are:

  1. PAUL CHRISTOPHER FRANCIS, b. 13 August 1922; d. 21 December 1980.
  2. HUGH EGBERT EITHEL FRANCIS, b. 20 September 1924, South Africa.
  3. ROBERT JAMES FRANCIS, b. 8 May 1927, South Africa; d. 20 June 1967, Yeoville, Johannesburg.
  4. Robert Francis did not marry.

  5. ELIZABETH SARAH JANE FRANCIS, b. 7 February 1930; d. September 1999; m. Francous Jacobus de Winnaar; b. 20 June 1923.


IRENE MAUDE FRANCIS was born 18 November 1883 in Cunnamulla, Qld., and died 6 October 1968 in Brisbane. She married Henry Rochester Hart 14 April 1914 in Brisbane. He was born 9 August 1885 in Hammersmith, London, and died 6 June 1968.

In 1899 Christopher Francis moved From Cunnamulla to Townsville, where he had been appointed Magistrate. Irene and her sister, Sylvia, were admitted to the Townsville Grammar School that year. Subsequently, Irene trained as a Nurse at the Brisbane Hospital, where she gained the highest marks for her year. Her nursing career took her to Thursday Island and to the Mackay Base Hospital.

Henry Hart came to Australia in 1907 on the "Runic". He was the son of Rochester William Lee Hart, a Banker at Hastings. His uncle, Conway Hart was an early colonial artist.

Children of Irene and Henry are:

  1. CONWAY CEDRIC HART, b. 17 January 1917, Mackay, Qld.; d. 28 June 2001.
  2. FRANCES MARY HART, b. 30 January 1918, Mackay, Qld.; d. 4 January 2012
  3. KELSEY WINIFRED MARGARET HART, b. 8 January 1923, Mackay, Qld.; d. 8 February 2011
  4. ROCHESTER WARREN LEE HART, b. 23 March 1924; d. 1945.
  5. ROWENA BERYL HART, b. 21 July 1926.
  6. HENRY GROSVENOR HART, b. 25 January 1929.


SYLVIA ROSAMUND FRANCIS was born 31 January 1886 in Grosvenor Bank, Cunnamulla, Qld., and died 1 May 1959 in Waitara. She married Thomas Richard Curry 26 June 1920 in Sabeto, Fiji. He was born 7 August 1891 in Baulkham Hills, N.S.W., and died 11 April 1981 in Sydney.

In 1899 Sylvia moved from Cunnamulla to Townsville with her family. She attended the Townsville Grammar School with her sister Irene. After spending her early life in Queensland, Sylvia decided to visit her brothers and other relatives in Fiji, and it was here she met her future husband, returned serviceman, Tom Curry.

About 1912, Tom Curry went to Fiji with the CSR Company, first to Rewa River, later to Nadi, and then in 1914, to Lautoka. In 1917 he enlisted as a trooper with the 6th Australian Light Horse and served in the Middle East during World War One. He was trained as a Hutchkiss Machine Gunner.

Children of Sylvia and Tom are:

  1. WALLACE FRANCIS CURRY, b. 28 April 1921, Nadi, Fiji.; d. 4 December 1989, Tweed Heads, N.S.W.
  2. COLIN CHRISTOPHER CURRY, b. 12 April 1923, Nadi, Fijii.; d. 1 June 1987, Tauranga, New Zealand.


Generation No. 3


HENRY CAGILABA FRANCIS was born 10 January 1908 in Wailevu, Labasa District, Fiji., and died 29 July 1992. He and Mereia who he met Abt. 1935 had two children and then he married Meresiana Vupawai Nadriva 15 December 1938 in Wailevu, Labasa, Macuata, Fiji., daughter of Ameniasi Nadriva. She was born Abt. 1920 in Wailevu, Labasa, Macuata, Fiji., and died 9 May 1999.


Children of Henry and Mereia are:

  1. WAISAKE FRANCIS, b. 1936, Labasa, Fiji; m. MEREONI RATU
  2. MIRIAMA FRANCIS, b. 22 July 1937; m. EMORI RAKABOA; b. Nakama, Labasa, Fiji.

Children of Henry and Meresiana are:

  1. IRENE MAUD FRANCIS, b. 12 August 1940, Kawakawa, Wailevu District, Macuata.; m. CAMUELI TAMAIVANA; b. 10 June 1935; d. 18 May 1997.
  2. KAIAVA TURALE FRANCIS, b. 23 October 1945, Wailevu, Labasa, Fiji.; m. EKA DIWETI, 1969; b.6 September 1950.
  3. APISOLOME TUVURA FRANCIS, b. 1948; d. 14 April 1990; m. TIMAIMA NIUMATAIWALU; b. 1952.
  4. MERESIANA ADI VUGAWAI FRANCIS, b. 14 September 1950, Wailevu, Labasa, Fiji.; m. LOTE TUIDRAVU, 1972; b. 26 October 1948.
  5. MARGARET BELIKINI FRANCIS, b. 10 July 1954, Wailevu, Labasa, Fiji.; m. MANASA LESUMA.
  6. JOSEPHINE VAKAWALE FRANCIS, b. 06 October 1957, Wailevu, Labasa, Fiji.; m. NASONI TUIGALOA; b. 19 August 1954.
  7. HENRY FRANCIS, b. 8 May 1960, Wailevu, Labasa, Fiji.; m. TIMAIMA NUKUSERE; b. 2 August 1962.
  8. NETE LAISENIA FRANCIS, b. 18 February 1963, Wailevu, Labasa, Fiji.; m. LUSIANA VEREAVAU; b. 22 October 1964.


MATELITA MALI FRANCIS was born 16 September 1911 in Wailevu, Labasa District, Macuata, Fiji., and died 2 July 2003 in Fiji. She married Frank Morgan Simmons 25 December 1931 in All Saints Church, Labasa, Fiji., son of James Simmons and Doretta Guekone. He was born 1 October 1885 in Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia, and died 30 September 1965 in Labasa, Fiji.


Children of Matelita and Frank are:

  1. MARMADUKE SIMMONS, b. 3 October 1932, Labasa, Fiji; d. 3 January 1990, Labasa, Fiji; m. KINISIMERE RAVAKASUSU; b. 18 February 1934.
  2. JOHN SIMMONS, b. 18 September 1935, Labasa, Fiji; m. CECILIA ROBINSON, 30 May 1959.
  3. SYLVIA SIMMONS, b. 2 May 1937, Labasa, Fiji; m. PONSAMI REDDY.
  4. DAVID SIMMONS, b. 14 December 1939, Labasa, Fiji; m. SALESIA.
  5. EMILIE LOUISE SIMMONS, b. 19 December 1944, Labasa, Fiji; m. JOPE BALANILOTU, 1975; b. 16 June 1954, Tobu, Lakeba Island..
  6. JEAN SIMMONS, b. 20 January 1949, Labasa, Fiji; m. PATRESIO FUATA; b. Rotuma Island.


FANNY JODOVA FRANCIS was born 10 October 1914 in Wailevu, Labasa, Fiji., and died 13 July 1993 in Lautoka Hospital, Fiji; Buried, Seva, Macuata; She married (1) John David Sutherland 25 December 1934 in Suva, Fiji., son of Henry Sutherland and Emma Fox. He was born 1914 in Suva, Fiji. She married (2) Harry David Williams 1940 in Seva, Macuata, Fiji., son of Lilo Williams and Annie.

The Birth Certificates of James and Elizabeth Sutherland state that their father, John David Sutherland, was a Planter at Seva, Macuata. The Birth Certificates also indicate that John and Fanny were married at Seva, Macuata, whereas their Marriage Certificate states that they were married at Suva.

Children of Fanny and John are:

  1. JAMES MARTIN SUTHERLAND, b. 24 February 1936, Labasa, Fiji.; m. PEARLIE GERRAND, 1960.
  2. ELIZABETH IRENE SUTHERLAND, b. 3 July 1938, Seva, Maculata, Fiji.; m. SAULA WALEILAKEBA.

Children of Fanny and Harry are:

  1. ALFRED JOHN WILLIAMS, b. 17 May 1942, Seva, Maculata, Fiji.; m. MAUDE EMILIE, 1966.
  2. NORMAN WILLIAMS, b. 5 September 1946, Nasarawaga, Bua, Fiji.; m. POLLYANNA HANSELL.
  3. JULIA EMMA WILLIAMS, b. 22 March 1948, Labasa, Fiji; m. JAMES JORDAN.
  4. TUI ALBERT LILO WILLIAMS, b. 3 March 1951, Labasa, Fiji; m. PATRICIA PEARSE, 1981.
  5. MURRAY CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS, b. 28 August 1954, Nasarawaga, Bua, Fiji.; m. GLADYS KATHERINE SIMPSON, 1983; b. 6 September 1962, Suva, Fiji
  6. VIRGINIA WILLIAMS, b. 15 May 1959, Nasarawaga, Bua, Fiji.; m. JAQUAT SINGH, 1984; b. 5 May 1961, Suva, Fiji.


SYLVIA ROSAMUND FRANCIS was born 12 August 1917 in Wailevu, Macuata, Labasa District, Fiji. She married Dr. Ian Mitchell 1940. He was born in Rotuma Island, and died Abt. 1955 in Fiji.

Dr. Ian Mitchell was born Iane Semantafa Mitieli at Rotuma Island. According to Lynne Scott, Rotumans don't have surnames and adopt their surnames. If really sick they change their surname to get rid of their sickness.

Iane had to change his name to Ian Mitchell so he could become a doctor. Many people in Rotuma were so fond of Ian and Sylvia that they named their daughters Sylvia Rosamund.


Children of Sylvia and Ian are:

  1. DR. ROBIN EVERETT MITCHELL, b. 10 March 1946, Levuka, Ovalau.; m. DR. ROSEMARY HOWARD, 1974.
  2. HENRY FRANCIS MITCHELL, b. 3 August 1955, Ahau, Rotuma.; m. JANE POWELL, 1976.


GROSVENOR CHARLES FRANCIS was born 30 September 1904 in Charters Towers, Queensland, and died January 1970. He married Ethel Amy Finlay (known as Shirley) 1933 in New South Wales, daughter of Clyde Finlay and Isabell Mc Kinnon. She was born 29 August 1905 in Goulburn, New South Wales., and died 12 September 1990.


Children of Grosvenor and Shirley are:

  1. GROSVENOR FINLAY FRANCIS, b. 20 June 1935, Canberra, A.C.T.; m. ROSEMARY ANDERSON, 1962, St. Swithuns, Pymble. N.S.W.; b. 26 June 1942, Lindfield, N.S.W..
  2. BEVERLEY FRANCIS, m. GRAEME FINLAYSON.  Graeme died 2011.
  3. HELEN CYNTHIA FINLAY FRANCIS, b. 3 October 1941, Vaucluse, N.S.W.; m. DAVID ALBERT HENDERSON MCCATHIE, 1963, St Michael's Church, Vaucluse, N.S.W.; b. 1 September 1936, Vaucluse, N.S.W.; David died 2003.


JOHN POWELL FRANCIS was born 29 November 1906 in Charters Towers, Queensland., and died 1 December 1982 in Nelly Bay, Magnetic Island, Townsville. He married Dilys Mary Morris 14 January 1932 in St Augustine's Neutral Bay, Sydney, daughter of Charles Morris and Elizabeth Fulcher. She was born 25 March 1908 in Kamloops, Canada, and died 27 July 1998 in Townsville, Qld..


Children of John and Dilys are:

  1. JOHN DOUGLAS FRANCIS, b. 21 September 1932, Charters Towers, Qld.; m. ELAINE ANN SCHIBROWSKI, 17 December 1957, Ayr, Qld.; b. 29 May 1936, Ayr, Qld..
  2. CHARLES PETER FRANCIS, (known as Peter) b. 5 October 1934, Charters Towers, Qld.; d. 13 December 2011; m. ISABELLA SHIELD, 5 November 1960, Bundaberg; b. 16 May 1938, Newcastle on Tyne.
  3. DILYS JANE FRANCIS, (known as Jane) b. 9 August 1940, Charters Towers, Qld.; m. GEOFFREY GARRARD ASLETT, 4 June 1960, St. Pauls Anglican, Charters Towers.; b. 23 May 1938, Palms Hospital, Townsville, Qld..


EGBERT ARUNDEL FRANCIS was born 31 March 1909 in Charters Towers, Queensland., and died 21 December 1988 in Sydney. He married Florence May Graham 6 July 1940 in Sydney. She was born 7 October 1915 in Sydney, and died 4 March 1994 in Sydney.

Children of Bert and Flo are:

  1. GRAHAM ARUNDEL FRANCIS, b. 9 July 1942, Sydney; m. ROSLYN JOY ANDERSON, 1970, Sydney; b. 6 Juyl 1947.
  2. DAVID EDWARD FRANCIS, b. 10 July 1945; m. ZENAIDA CABUNSOL, 1984, Brisbane; b. 2 June 1959.
  3. STEPHEN GROSVENOR FRANCIS, b. 2 October 1947, Sydney; m. CAROLYN ANN O'KANE, 1972, Pymble; b. 11 May 1950, Tamworth, New South Wales.
  4. MARGARET BRADLEY FRANCIS, b. 21 May 1949, Sydney; m. TIMOTHY JOHN PETERS, 4 September 1971; b. 18 October 1946.


ALISON LAURA FRANCIS was born 18 May 1921 in Mudgee, N.S.W. She married Stuart Elliot Armstrong 29 August 1945 in St.James, Townsville. He was born 7 Jun 1917 in Cootamundra N.S.W., and died 13 May 1980 in Nanango, Qld..

Children of Alison and Stuart are:

  1. JOHN FRANCIS ARMSTRONG, b. 24 January 1948, Toowoomba; m. CAROL JANET WHEAT, 13 January 1973, Cloncurry, Qld.; b. 26 December 1950; d. 28 October 2000.
  2. SUSAN ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG, b. 10 February 1949, Toowoomba; m. BRIAN JOHN MORGAN, 31 March 1975, Hobart, Tas.; b. 8 November 1948.
  3. IAN STUART ARMSTRONG, b. 27 July 1954, Toowoomba, Qld.; m. JULIE FAY MURRAY, 2 May 1981, Alice Springs, N.T,; b. 26 February 1961.
  4. PETER ELLIOT SCOTT ARMSTRONG, b. 16 August 1956, Toowoomba, Qld.; m. WENDY MAREE WHITE, 20 October 1979, Brisbane; b. 8 December 1957.


PAUL CHRISTOPHER FRANCIS, was born 13 August 1922, and died 21 December 1980. He married Isabella Johanna Jacoba Visagie 1946. She was born 19 February 1925, and died 29 November 1983.

Children of Paul and Isabella are:

  1. WILFRED EVERETT FRANCIS, b. 31 October 1946; m. MARIA DOROTHEA WESSELS, 1967; b. 28 December 1948; d. 2007.
  2. HILDA MAGDALENA FRANCIS, b. 19 September 1948; m. (1) GERHARDUS JOSEFUS VAN ZYL; m. (2) STANLEY WALES, 1979; b. 14 July 1939; d. 14 January 1993.
  3. ELIZABETH SARAH JANE FRANCIS, b. 22 August 1951; m. PIETER HENDRIK VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, 1976; b. 18 September 1953.
  4. ISOBEL JOHANNA JACOBA FRANCIS, b. 22 August 1951; m. (1) WILLEM JOHANNES BRONKHORST; b. 30 April 1948; m. (2) ANDREW BELLING, 1993.
  5. LAMBERT NICOLAS FRANCIS, b. 19 June 1956; m. ADRIANA ALETTA SCHOLZ, 1982; b. 4 May 1956.
  6. PAULA CHRISTINE FRANCIS, b. 19 June 1956; m. GEORGE HENRY PRETORIUS, 1977; b. 9 November 1954.
  7. ROBERT CHRISTOPHER FRANCIS, b. 24 March 1958; m. ANSA VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, 1983; b. 31 January 1961.
  8. PETRONELLA MAGRIETHA FRANCIS, b. 25 September 1961; m. GERT STEPHANES DE VRIES, 1983; b. 23 June 1960.


HUGH EGBERT EITHEL FRANCIS was born 20 September 1924 in South Africa. He married Pamella. She died 23 March 2004 in Stilfontein, South Africa.

Children of Hugh and Pamella are:



CONWAY CEDRIC HART was born 17 January 1917 in Mackay, Qld., and died 27 June 2001. He married Enid Clinton Curtis 6 February 1943 in Mayfield, N.S.W. She was born 9 June 1923 in Wyong, N.S.W.

Children of Conway and Enid are:

  1. VIRGINIA GAYE HART, b. 30 January 1944, Mayfield, N.S.W.; m. STEPHEN TUCKER, 7 July 1971, Canada.
  2. KELSEY MAXINE HART, b. 17 June 1946.
  3. PAMELA SUZANNE HART, b. 21 May 1948, Waratah, N.S.W.; m. GRAHAM WEBSTER, 15 November 1969, Newcastle, N.S.W.; b. 1945.
  4. MICHELLE ROSEMARY HART, b. 7 May 1954, Waratah, N.S.W.; m. PAUL FREDERIC LAYMAN, 14 March 1981; b. 1944.


FRANCES MARY HART(known as Mary) was born 30 January 1918 in Mackay, Qld.. She married Edward (Ted) Clarence Fitzherbert Evans 19 December 1940 in Townsville, Qld.. He was born 1918 in Cloncurry, Qld., and died 1997.

Children of Mary and Ted are:

  1. ROBIN EVANS, b. 1 September 1943, Charters Towers, Qld.; m. MARGARET ANN MCGILL, 22 April 1978; b. 7 April 1954.
  2. MARK EVANS, b. 21 March 1945; m. JENNY; b. 1946.
  3. KERITH MEGAN EVANS, b. 24 January 1947; m. KERRY SELWOOD; b. Abt. 1945.
  4. STEPHEN EVANS, b. 11 October 1949.
  5. FELICITY JOAN EVANS, b. 13 December 1951; m. JOHN BROWN; b. Abt. 1949, U.S.A..
  6. YOLANDE MARGARET EVANS, b. 18 February 1956; m. (1) MICHAEL BOWMAN; b. 1961; m. (2) GRAHAM LAKE.


KELSEY WINIFRED MARGARET HART was born 8 January 1923 in Mackay, Qld. She married (1) Frederick Raymond Meeker 19 May 1944 in Mackay, Qld. He was born 20 March 1916 in New York, N.Y. U.S.A., and died 19 May 1950 in Brooklyn Veterans Hospital, N.Y.C., N.Y., U.S.A.. She married (2) Christopher Pike Coleridge Gordon 15 October 1955 in Woking, England.. He was born 05 November 1927 in Bristol, England..

Children of Kelsey and Fred are:

  1. JOSEPHINE MARGARET MEEKER, b. 5 November 1946, Sidney, New York, U.S.A.; m. TIMOTHY LEE PIERCE, 11 August 1969; b. 25 November 1947, Unadilla, New York, U.S.A..
  2. FREDERICK JOHN MEEKER, b. 31 October 1948, Sidney, New York, U.S.A.; m. MARY TERESA MURPHY, 19 August 1972, Leongatha, Vic.; b. 25 August 1950, Leongatha, Vic..
  3. Children of Kelsey and Chrisare:

    1. RACHEL ELIZABETH GORDON, b. 16 January 1958, Geelong, Vic.; m. JAMES GEOFFREY ROLFE, 1 December 1979, Geelong, Vic.; b. 5 November 1949, Cowra, N.S.W..
    2. CHRISTOPHER WARREN DE COVERLEY GORDON, b. 5 August 1960, Geelong, Vic.; m. MONICA DONACHIE, 11 May 1985, Geelong, Vic.; b. 21 October 1960, Burnie, Tas..
    3. ALISON LEE HART GORDON, b. 16 October 1961, Geelong, Vic.; m. PETER JOHN GIBSON, 22 June 1985, Geelong, Vic.; b. 29 December 1961, Swan Hill, Vic..

    WALLACE FRANCIS CURRY was born 28 April 1921 in Nadi, Fiji., and died 4 December 1989 in Tweed Heads, N.S.W. He married Janet Laughland Wrixon Williamson 8 January 1949. She was born 7 June 1926.

    Children of Wallace and Janet are:

    1. SYLVIA LAUGHLAND FRANCIS CURRY, b. 6 January 1950; m. IAN CHARLES CROTHERS, 1973; b. 12 July 1947.
    2. JOHN WRIXON FRANCIS CURRY, b. 22 September 1952, Sydney; m. ANNE LORRAINE CARTER, 1976, St. Stephen's Chatswood, N.S.W.; b. 1 Machr 1956, Sydney.
    3. JESSICA MARY FRANCIS CURRY, b. 18 July 1954, Gordonvale, Queensland; m. (1) MICHAEL JOSEPH BIELBY, 1978; b. 19 Apr 1952; m. (2) GEOFFREY KENNETH KEAST, 1989, Tweed Heads; b. 24 April 1957, Greymouth, New Zealand..
    4. DAVID THOMAS FRANCIS CURRY, b. 24 March 1957, Gordonvale, Queensland.; m. KATHRYN SUSAN BAKER, 22 June 1991, Lindfield Uniting Church, Sydney.; b. 13 May 1964, Marrickville, N.S.W..

    COLIN CHRISTOPHER CURRY, was born 12 April 1923 in Nadi, Fijii., and died 1 June 1987 in Tauranga, New Zealand.. He married Lesley Wilson 18 October 1947 in Labasa, Fiji. She was born 23 October 1920 in Napier, New Zealand., and died 17 February 2006 in New Zealand..

    Children of Colin and Lesleyare:

    1. EMILY LYNNE CURRY, b. 26 January 1951, Napier, New Zealand.; m. MICHAEL JOHN SCOTT, 4 September 1971, Palmerston North, New Zealand.; b. 16 June 1947, Featherton, New Zealand..
    2. WAYNE PAUL CURRY, b. 12 October 1953, Suva, Fiji.; m. PAMELA JANE HOWARD, 10 April 1976, Auckland, New Zealand.; b. 20 July 1957, Auckland, New Zealand..