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Garrard family

If you wish to extend your Garrard family line you may wish to verify the line that married Celia Button.
The Button family are directly linked with the Gooch, Wyard & Simpson family that goes back to the 17th century.
Suggest that you check the families that lived in the Dennington & Brundish areas. You may well go mad in the process as all the siblings had children with identical names.

Aslett family tree

My mother Annie Cecelia Rosa Aslett is the 4 x gt grandaughter of Thomas Aslett b c 1735 Middlesex married to Sarah Compton.  He is the 2 x gt grandfather of your Thomas Aslett b 23/5/1824.  I have been tracing the Asletts for some time now and have found this website very interesting especially with regard to Benhall.  My mothers sister Ellen Frances Aslett was married to John Charles Batho and some of his ancestors came from Benhall and surrounding areas dating back into the late 1600's.  What a coincidence to find that some of your Asletts came from the that area also.  Our Asletts came from Isleworth which is where your Thomas b 1824 came from.

At the moment I haven't been able to get back further than Thomas b c 1735 but havn't stopped looking.  Please let me know if I can be of help.

Irene Allaway


Im the great-grandson of Jessie Augusta Frances Armstrong and the grandson of Zoe Gertrude Green. Zoe married Frank Herbert Barlow and they had 4 children, the second being a son, my father, Frederick Barlow. I remember visiting Edgecliffe as a young boy, my great uncle Wynn lived their until he passed away in the 80's. I remember a very large, rambling wood house, which I believe when the land was sold was transported out to the Darling Downs? area and still stands today.

Fred Barlow married Lyn Taylor and they have 4 children, James, Michael, Jenny and myself, the youngest, David. They have 7 grandchildren as well.

I put in a search for Zoe Gertrude Green and this site was the second result (the first being a picture of my grandmother in nurses uniform from ww1), was a fantastic read, thank you for all the work you've put in! Interesting to see that I'm distantly related to a gentleman who was once GG of Australia.


David Barlow

Boston , MA, USA (via Darwin NT)

Francis Descendants 2

  Hello all,  I am a great-grandaughter of Henry Norman Francis.  My late grandmother is Fanny Todova Williams.  My father is James Martin Sutherland.  I have 3 siblings, Kirsty, Dayle & Jared, and I have 2 children Nina (14) & Toby (12).

  I would like to thank the Aslett family for making this information available to all:  my sister Kirsty found this link and although together, we are novices at tracing our history, we really appreciate all the hard work that has been done.  It is also wonderful to view  some new photographs of our early forebears, that we do not (to the best of our knowledge) have amongst our families.  Fantastic!  It certainly makes the information come alve.

 The six degrees of separation is alive and kicking: I have met people named Suttor, who hail geographically from the right area, and although I have no knowledge of their family lines - it looks highly likely that we share the same forebears.  This world truly does get smaller when you start to join the dots.  I have yet to renew my aquaintance and share this new information, but that can wait till time and circumstances prevail.

 In the meantime I am busy with many more family lines of history, and would'nt you know it - they are absolutely fantastic stories.  One day I will have all the information together in "easy to read, and easy to follow" form.  Until then,  ancestry dot com is waiting.....

sincerely, Leigh Hazael.

family history

Thank you Geoff for putting up the Francis Descendants 2 page. Appreciate it very much. take care

Francis Crest

Hi Geoff,I am the grandson of Paul Francis,i was wondering if there is a crest for the Francis family and if so were can i get a picture of it?

Thanks for the book Henry Francis - Gentleman of Cumberland Street

Kind Regards

Christopher Francis

Francis Family Crest

Hello Christopher,

Thank you for your message.  I don't know much about Heraldry, but I believe there are rules that govern the authorisation and issueing of coats of arms and crests that seem to have been bent to accommodate just about any family name, whether the family is entitled to a crest or not.

I don't know if there is a properly authorised crest for our Francis family, but Jane's uncle, Egbert Arundell Francis, had a decorative shield that featured a lion, rampant, (standing on it's back legs).  The shield was divided diagionally with one half with the lion gold on a black background, and the other half with the lion black on a gold background. It looked very smart.  Bert was a solicitor in Sydney so may have done some research to authenticate it as the Francis shield.

I Googled the crest, as no doubt you have, and found several "Francis Crests" including the one I have described.  If we are entitled to a crest, I guess it would be the one.

If you are able to find out more on this subject I would appreciate it if you would let me know.

Best wishes,